General Plant ID and Native Plant Resources

Endangered and Threatened Species Lists

Invasive Species Tracking

  • EDDMapS: A web-based mapping system for documenting invasive species

Plant Identification - Print Resources

  • Flora of the Chicago Region, Gerould Wilhelm and Laura Rericha. (2017)

  • Vascular Flora of Illinois, Robert Mohlenbrock.  4th edition (2013)

  • Flora of the Southeastern United States. Alan S. Weakley. (2020) Download PDF of Southern Illinois Flora here.

  • Kane County Wild Plants and Natural Areas.  Dick Young.  (2007)

  • Newcomb's Wildflower Guide. Lawrence Newcomb. (1989)

  • The Sunflower Family in the Upper Midwest. Tom Antonio and Susanne Masi. (2001)

  • Woodland Carex of the Upper Midwest. Linda Curtis. (2006) available here.

Volunteer and Native Plant-focused Groups

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