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What do you need to know to become a Plants of Concern Community Scientist? In this training you will learn about the Plants of Concern rare plant monitoring program and the protocol for collecting data on rare plants. We'll introduce important science and conservation concepts that will help you understand why we use this protocol. This training will prepare you to help save plants.
Training Modules
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Module 1: Introduction

Overview of training content and introduction to the Plants of Concern community science project.

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Module 2: Conservation and Rare Plants

Learn about the concepts of conservation and biodiversity, rare plants, and what factors contribute to their rareness.

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Module 3: Community Science and Rare Plant Monitoring

Learn about conservation solutions to protect rare plants, the impacts of our research, locally and more broadly, and a Plants of Concern Case Study of the small white lady's slipper.

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Module 4: Introduction to Monitoring

Learn about basic principles of botany, importance of confidentiality, and field preparedness.

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Module 5: Monitoring Protocol - Subpopulation Data

Learn about Part 1 of the monitoring protocol that Plants of Concern uses to track rare plants.

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Module 6: Monitoring Protocol - Habitat Data

Learn about Part 2 of the monitoring protocol that Plants of Concern uses to track rare plants.

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