Confidentiality Form
Regarding Locations of Rare Species

Plants of Concern participants agree to the following confidentiality policy:

Rare species are endangered for many reasons. One of the threats to many rare plants is that of theft or poaching of plants and/or their fruits. This unfortunately occurs all too frequently. Even those who only wish to view rare plants may damage their habitat by excessive trampling. In order to preserve our rarest species and their habitats, it is important to maintain the confidentiality of their locations. Plants of Concern volunteers are privileged to work directly with these plants, but this privilege brings with it the responsibility to keep the information confidential.

As a Plants of Concern volunteer, I understand that all information must be kept secure. I agree not to reveal the location of any rare species to others who are not involved in the monitoring, ownership, or legitimate management of the site(s) where I monitor. Any person who assists me will have pre-approval from the Plants of Concern staff, the landowner/land manager, and the Nature Preserve Commission in the case of a Nature Preserve. Any person who assists me will also sign this confidentiality agreement.

I also agree not to remove or destroy any plant material, such as but not limited to seeds, propagules, flowers, stems, leaves, and roots, from the preserves where I monitor except with an official written permit to do so.

If you become aware of any immediate threat to a rare plant population, notify, without delay, the land manager or Plants of Concern staff.

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