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Plants of Concern is a program that was born out of the Chicago Wilderness Biodiversity Recovery Plan, which set priorities for understanding the regional distribution and trends of rare plants in our region.  

Endangered and Threatened Species Lists by state




Invasive species

New Invader Watch List


 CBG Collections (including herbarium)

USDA Plant Database

Illinois Wildflowers


Prairie Seedling Identification Guide

Plant Phytography: A photographic glossary of botanical terms

Journals and Newsletters

The Habitat Herald

The Meadowlark Messenger (Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie's official newsletter)

The Prairie Telegraph (Newsletter of the Midewin Alliance)

Chicago Wilderness Journal (archive)


Carol Freeman Photography

David Schwaegler Photography

Volunteer and Native Plant-focused Groups

The Habitat Project 

Lake in the Hills Fen Website

The Illinois Native Plant Society

Volunteer Stewardship Network (TNC)

Wild Ones

Print Resources

Flora of the Chicago Region, Gerould Wilhelm and Laura Rericha. (2017)

Vascular Flora of Illinois, Robert Mohlenbrock.  4th edition (2013)

Kane County Wild Plants and Natural Areas.  Dick Young.  (2007)

The Sunflower Family in the Upper Midwest. Tom Antonio  and Susanne Masi (2001)

Woodland Carex of the Upper Midwest, Linda Curtis (2006) available here.