Chicago Park District Natural Areas
RFQA Resources

The Rapid Floristic Quality Assessment (RFQA) protocol facilitates rapid assessment of Chicago Park District Natural Areas and allows natural areas managers to track site quality over time. RFQA relies on meander-based sampling of common and relatively easy to identify species. This protocol was developed for the Chicago Park District stewardship program.

Training Video for the Chicago Park District RFQA Protocol
RFQA Site Reports

78 Chicago Park District Natural Areas have been assessed using the RFQA protocol. Data collection started in 2015 and continues each year. A subset of sites are assessed each year, so the number of years sampled varies between sites. The PDFs linked here show up to three of the most recent assessments per Natural Area.

Bessemer Park Nature Garden
Big Marsh - Bike Park
Big Marsh - NW
Big Marsh - Slag Meadow
BWC - 41st Street Bioretention
BWC - Burnham Centennial Prairie North
BWC - Burnham Centennial Prairie South
BWC - Burnham Nature Sanctuary
BWC - Burnham West South
BWC - McCormick Place Bird Sanctuary
BWC East - 35th Street Bridge Area and Harbor Prairie
Canal Origins Park Natural Area
Canalport Riverwalk Natural Area
Columbus Park Natural Area
Eugene Field Park Natural Area
Gompers Park Natural Area
Hegewisch Marsh Natural Area
Horner Park Natural Area
Horner Park Nature Garden
Humboldt Park Natural Area
Humboldt Park Natural Area Expansion
Humboldt Park Ponds
Hurley Park Natural Area
Indian Boundary Park Natural Area
Jackson Park 63rd Street Beach Dunes
Jackson Park Columbia Basin Fringe
Jackson Park Natural Area
Jane Addams Memorial Natural Area
Jesse Owens Park Nature Garden
Jesse White Nature Garden
Kiwanis Natural Area
La Villita Park Natural Area
Legion Park Natural Area
Legion SE ACOE
Leone Beach Park Natural Area
Lincoln Park - Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Lincoln Park - Bill Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Lincoln Park - Kathy Osterman Beach
Lincoln Park - Marovitz Savanna
Lincoln Park - Montrose Beach Dunes
Lincoln Park - Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary
Lincoln Park - North Pond
Lincoln Park - Peace Garden
Loyola Park Natural Area
Maggie Daley Park
Marian R. Byrnes Park
Marquette Park Natural Area
Mary Berkmeier Quinn Park of Trees
McKinley Park Natural Area
McKinley Park Natural Area Fall 2017 expansion zones
Nichols Park Natural Area
North Park Village Natural Area
Northerly Island Natural Area
Ogden Park Nature Garden
Palmisano Park Natural Area
Park 538 - Thillens Natural Area
Park 562 - Van Vlissingen
Park 565 - Indian Ridge Marsh
Park 566 - USX
Park 568 - West Ridge / Rosehill
Ping Tom Park Natural Area
Portage Park Nature Garden
Prospect Park Nature Garden
Rainbow Beach Park Natural Area
Read Dunning Parcel
Ridge Park Wetland
Riis Park Natural Area
River Park Natural Area
Ronan Park Natural Area
Rutherford Sayre Park Nature Garden
Sepa Station 1
Sherman Park Natural Area
South Shore Natural Area
Steelworkers Park Natural Area
Taylor Lauridsen Park Nature Garden
Washington Park Natural Area
West Pullman Park Natural Area
Winnemac Park Natural Area