Barbara Wilson Memorial Bench Dedication

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 14:28

Gretel and Daniella attended the dedication of a bench at Lake in the Hills fen in memory of long-time Plants of Concern volunteer Barbara Wilson. Barbara Wilson devoted many hours to restoring habitat, monitoring rare plants, seed collecting, and educating others at the Lake in the Hills fen. She was in involved in prairie restoration for over 30 years. Friends and family gathered to honor her memory and share stories of this amazing woman who was a mentor to many.

Pictured: Jacqueline Moore, Carol Howard, Erica Mayfield, April M. Williams, Al Wilson, Dayla Mudge 2nd row: Susanne Masi, Christine Bataldin, Tina Mudge, Lisa Hartney 3rd row: Domenico D'Alessandro, Dolores Budelier, Daniella DeRose  (in front of Daniella is Dolores' granddaughter), Gretel Kiefer, Pat Sullivan Schroyer, Charles Mason, Pattie Frey, Brianna Frey, Helen Sprague, Greg Rajsky Back Row: Dave Schwaegler, Neil Whitman, Brian Monson

Photo Credit: Dave Schwaegler

Barbara Wilson Memorial Bench Dedication Photo of Attendees